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in-person full service design
White + Gold Design is a full-service design firm. We assist clients with the design of their space from architectural plans to placing the last accessory. We prefer to be involved in your project from the onset and follow it through to installing the furnishings and accessories, but ultimately we are here for our clients in the capacity they need.  

In-person full service design means we meet and work together on a one-on-one basis. This is the most common option selected by local clients in Utah, but W+G is also willing to travel. We work with Architects and Builders often and help manage projects as well as provide custom designs for both the hard and soft finishes in your space.

W+G Design offers a flat-fee structure for the construction phase, and an hourly structure for furnishings and installations.

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Contact us to set up a meeting to discuss your project and how White + Gold can make your vision a reality (and even better!) 


We offer the ability to have a designer consult on your project, both one-on-one and over-the-phone. This service is selected by clients who are wanting to manage and implement the majority of their project, but would like to consult a designer on their decisions and need the expertise of someone in the industry who has the knowledge to make their project run smoother and be more successful. 

This option is an hourly fee with a commitment of at least 5 hours. What those 5+ hours are used for is up to you, the client. Ordering furniture, and more custom services would be treated as separate from our consultation service.

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Contact us to set up a time to meet and discuss how many hours you would like W+G to consult on your project. 

At W+G our E Design platform allows clients the opportunity to work directly with our talented designers via email, obtaining customized room designs without retaining our full-service packages. This gives you the opportunity to get your space professionally designed while you maintain the ability to purchase the items on your own time frame and piece the room together yourself (with the help of our detailed instructions of course).