Welcome To WhiteGold Design

Thank you for visiting our site. We are grateful for all the inquiries and opportunities we receive to do what we love with great people like you.

I started White + Gold Design in 2011 after remodeling my own home, which unearthed a love and talent for design. With my background in project management at an advertising firm and my natural eye for design I started my business by helping investors I knew design their “flip” homes and soon after took on other clients.

Tonya started her business, Feathers & Stone Design in 2015 because she had always known she wanted to be an interior designer and couldn’t put it off any longer. She joined White + Gold Design in 2016 and the firm has been exponentially better since, and our work days have become a lot more fun.

Our team is currently growing and Judith Schellenberg  will be joining us as our business, office, and product manager. Her job description includes “keeping me on task” and helping W+G Design to run well and serve our clients in an organized and pleasant manner. By the end of our projects I’m pretty sure everyone will want to hire her for their own personal assistant – but you can’t – she’s also my sister!

And our story isn’t complete without mentioning our clients and vendors/builders/sub-contractors/sales people/installers  – there would be no White + Gold Design were it not for all of them. We are so grateful for the continued trust our clients put in us when they hire us to join them in their design projects. We are also grateful for all the talented and knowledgable artisans that we work with that make us look so good. We have worked with some of the best talent in the state and are constantly learning from our reps about new products and materials. This business is ever changing, every project brings a new challenge, and every client enriches our lives and teaches us something new. And that’s why we feel like the luckiest women to be able to have this business. Thank you for being a part of it in any way.

We are also grateful to Wallmur – our great wallpaper for wall provider that could satisfy all our design needs.




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